Written by
Toni Franklin
on January 18, 2020

At first glance, the nail dashes that Red Aspen offers naturally prove themselves to be a collection of special styles and shapes that are all creative, fun, and unique- just like our wonderful customers! While selecting a color or style that fits your style, choosing a shape is just as important. From overall size to the tip of the nail, knowing which shape works best for your lifestyle will make your beauty routine that much easier- and we’re here to help!

Petite nails for smaller nail beds and shorter finger nails.

Petite & Square

Don’t let the name throw you off, these dashes are small but mighty! Our petite nails are for those who have smaller nail beds and shorter finger nails. These nails are great for girls who don’t want to deal with the pain of resizing or reshaping. Instead save the time and effort of fussing with sizes too large by picking up Red Aspens classic petite dash, “Wendy in Watermelon” for a shiny and colorful look guaranteed to fit.

Square & Short

This classic square nail shape is ideal for all women either on-the-go or heading out to get off-the-grid. The best part about a square fit is that you can easily go about your busy day without worrying that these nails will wear and tear easily as the short and shaped fit is perfect for successfully completing daily tasks. Apart from their wonderful ability to give you ease during your busy day, the square shape effortlessly provides a clean and easy look that goes with everything. For the woman who needs a simple but sweet look to keep up with her, “Kathryn and the Ballet Slipper” will be the best option as its light pink and shiny finish is ideal for achieving this. If you’re seeking something a little wilder, “Mandy’s Starry Night” will be sure to help you get what you need done- in plenty of style.

Round & Medium

A round shape and medium length is definitely a crowd-pleaser here at Red Aspen. Her classic and versatile rounded tip effortlessly gives a more feminine and flirty manicure that you’re guaranteed to adore. Because of the smooth edge, this nail isn’t likely to get in the way of your great day; when taken care of this shape can last a long time on your hands as they work best with longer nail beds. Don’t be worried though, even if your nails aren’t naturally the longest, this shape is ideal for elongating the appearance of your fingers to help you love this rounded manicure. “Vicki’s Pink Bubbly” is a beautiful shiny style with a signature light pink and a unique accent nail to really tie your look together!

Almond & Medium

If you’re headed to a special event, relaxing vacation, or date night out, make sure to RSVP an almond shape as your plus one. This unique shape has all the qualities of a rounded shape, just with an added twist that really makes all the difference. Almond shapes compliment fingernails that are naturally longer. If you haven’t yet fallen in love with either a square or rounded shape; then an almond is perfect to give you the best of both worlds. If you’re just trying them out, go for a classic shiny look like “Devra Dreams in Pastel Purple” and instantly fall in love. Want something more daring? Then “Sally Sage” is a beautiful and bold look that can compliment your good taste.

Coffin & Long

Make no mistake in the name, this shape truly is to-die-for! If your nail beds are strong, you’re a dash-wearing pro, and you are always looking for the next trend, a coffin style is for you. This shape is long and has diagonal edges that finish with a square tip- and we love it! Because this shape is more for parading than practicality, a coffin nail is a great idea if you are confident in your ability to maneuver your way through the day with a daring set of claws; after all, you want these dashes to get plenty of time on your nails. We loved complimenting this unique shape with even more unique styles, don’t believe us? Glue on a pair of “Unicorns are Real, Melinda”, and see the magic for yourself!

Stiletto & Long

Just like a pair of stiletto heels, this shape is sure to be the center of attention to any one of your countless looks. This style is an extremely long shape that comes to a fine point at the end- seems easy right? Getting around with them is not so simple, however. This dramatic shape is definitely not made for everyday use yet makes a great accessory to any fun or glamorous look you need to add a little something too. Pro tip: instead of using your finger nails for everyday tasks, try using nearby items as tools to do things; like opening a pop tab with a pen or utensil. Stay tuned for Red Aspen’s stiletto style coming soon!

So now you’re a pro-right? Understanding the benefits of each unique nail shape will help you ensure you’re getting the best use out of your dashes! Whether you’re gluing them on in the middle of a busy day, or getting your nails prepped for a pool-side vacation, you’ll know just which ones are going to fit perfectly for you- on the nail and in your daily beauty routine! Be sure to show us your favorite shapes and styles by tagging us on your adorable pictures with #redaspenlove!

Written By
Toni Franklin

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